Botox® Treatments

1About the treatment
The Wolverhampton Cosmetic Clinic provides Botox® Treatments for our valued clients and customers. Performed by our qualified Doctor and registered Aesthetic Nurses, all of which have a vast amount of experience in administering Botox® injections.

The Wolverhampton Cosmetic Clinic's Botox® Treatments are precise, effective, quick and have a low risk.

Botox® is a liquid drug made from a neurotoxin. Effectively it works by temporarily paralysing, and 'filling-out' muscles depending on certain areas of injection. For example, the muscles around your forehead stretch and contract, over time this causes your skin to lose it's elasticity and would make it return to an 'wrinkled' state.. Therefore, we would administer Botox® injections, at that area to get an even spread and for an extended period of time, wrinkles would appear less pronounced and almost non-existent.
2Treatment Areas & Prices
Injectable Areas (per area):

Forehead – £190

Crows Feet – £190

Glabella – £190

Two or More Areas offer:

Two areas – £250

Three areas – £360